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GEMS Education, an organization which is driven towards EXCELLENCE is more than 50 years old and serves the world community, in the field of Education. With a staff of over 11,000 and with more than 130,000 students from 151 nationalities in its schools, GEMS looks at education and the management of schools from all facets and angles, to ensure that its approach is at the cutting edge of quality and service.

Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a, (a Boys’ school) is one of the GEMS pioneer schools which started in 1968 and has carved a niche for itself in the Emirate of Dubai, the U.A.E. and the world.  With accolades won in the last three years like the First Place in World Robotics in Jakarta, Indonesia; First Place in the Children’s Film Festival, Dubai and then the Film being represented in the five continents of the world; First Place in the Under 19, CBSE World Athletics Games held in India; the school has won the hearts of the people of Dubai. I am really honoured and privileged to be the Principal of this great institution since April 2012.

I believe that a school must create an environment conducive to a child’s Holistic Development in which they are free to think, create and experience positivity, grow while they develop the power of reasoning rather than rote learning, grow with empathy and not sympathy towards others, grow to contribute positively towards the greater good of the world and I am here to facilitate such a creation in this school.

I am of the opinion that for a child to come first is important but not as important if he/she hasn’t developed respect for those who were left behind.  Winning a game for a child is important but not as important if it was not played by the rules. Yes, the Pursuit of Excellence is our Goal, Character Formation our Mission and Inculcating Respect for others our Vision.  We as a school and an organization want to become the most admired in society and in the field of Education.  

To reach our goals, we have the GEMS Group leading us in all spheres of Education. We are also privileged to be assisted every year with the KHDA (Ministry of Education) Annual Inspection, which highlights the achievements of the school over one year and guides the school towards its betterment, sharing the international practices towards making education of the highest standards in the country.

I am confident that these two great organizations are a significant support system and provide ample leadership for us to grow, develop and improve year after year, to impart quality education to the children in our care. We are confident that our school will continue to provide excellent platforms for our children, with the support of these organizations and with the constant effort and drive of our staff, at school.

The School also has a strong Parent Support Group and an Active Parents Advisory Committee who partnership with the school to raise its standards by providing regular feedback. They regularly support all endeavors of the school with positive advice and help accelerate the efforts towards Excellence in this great institution.

The staff of the School, with their dedication and hard work, has already built an excellent name for the school and are every day ready to further raise standards of the school on all fronts.

We are all moving ahead with faith and trust in the Almighty, to continue to lead our students and are sure that this School will continue to earn the respect of all in the society we live in and the world we serve.

Sanjeev Kumar Jolly
Principal / CEO

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